Smart Factory | Why Do We Need MES When Everything Can Be Done In SCADA?

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What is SCADA and the distinction between SCADA and MES?

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, it is an industrial control system to monitor production in real-time. A SCADA system can collect, monitor, and analyze data coming from factories, allowing workers to monitor and control overall manufacturing operations with greater visibility.

MES, short for Manufacturing Execution System, is the software solution that ensures quality and efficiency which are built into the factory process and proactively and automatically enforced. This system can connect multiple plants, sites, and vendors’ live production to monitor and synchronize manufacturing activities across globally distributed plants and connect them in real-time and maximize output.

Briefly, SCADA is designed to monitor the production in real-time and ERP is designed for the management of the company’s business operation, MES is designed to track and collect information about each product (semi-product) through all stages of the production process.

Both SCADA and MES solutions can be integrated into each other in some levels of functionality. The modern SCADA and MES are much more open and inter-connectable than they used to be.