5 Huge Advantages To Do IT Outsourcing In Vietnam

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

5 Huge Advantages To Do IT Outsourcing In Vietnam

Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing is getting popular worldwide thanks to its vast advantages. India and China have proved themselves as leaders for many years, but the picture of this industry has been changed. Vietnam now keeps the wheel.

Many giant tech companies have invested in Vietnam, making this country a promising destination for outsourcing today and in the future. Additionally, Vietnamese IT accredited universities giving thousands of young, dynamic, and talented graduated developers every year to serve the industry. Hence, businesses get more opportunities to reduce in-house human resources' operation costs and increase coding productivity. Let's figure out the 5 huge advantages to do IT outsourcing in Vietnam below.

1- Reach more first-rate coding talents

The population of Vietnam is over 95 million people (2020), with the average age is under 32. Vietnam is a young country, which brings a significant number of people to join the workforce. The young Vietnamese generation is well educated, specializing in technology. Every year, thousands of young and talented engineers graduated from the top accredited universities that ensure the opportunity to reach more first-rate, dynamic, and talented software engineers.

2- Increase more cost-effective services

By replacing an in-house coding team, businesses can minimize risks and operation costs while conducting a new management software. Hiring and managing full-time human resources privately have been one of the most frequent headaches for every business leader.

Doing IT outsourcing in Vietnam can save up to 90% compared to the USA and 30% to India. Being different from China market, the labor cost of Vietnamese developers can fill up the gap to fix the issue of cheap and poor quality resources. The labor co