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Our mission is to share challenges of business operations and solve them with digital transformation solutions.

THL One is a group of technology companies founded in 2007 in Korea and Vietnam by its first launching of the IT software Outsourcing and Development Center. We built this-centric hub to bring profitable solutions to businesses and help them iron out the struggles in daily process activities.

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We design and provide strategic digital solutions based on various platforms.

Through the last 15 years of partnership journey with small and mid-sized Korean enterprises in Vietnam, we continuously develop tightly structured systems and platforms tailored to specific requirements to boost overall business performances automatically.

Your business benefits and core values are our priority in creating strategic digital solutions based on various platforms.


We cover several industries, including distribution, logistics, supply chain management, accounting, hotels & restaurant, retails, and more.

In January 2021, THL One unified with BSG One Vina to become ONE, one growth, one future to drive technology closer to human livings.

Our team draws onboard industry experience & knowledge to create the most powerful outcomes for clients.

Our team of experts from Korea combined with Vietnam's dynamic and innovative developers. We are the pioneer in providing revolutionary solutions which can adapt quickly to your daily operations. All these solutions are designed based on the expert knowledge of our expert team from Korea.

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